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5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Beat Selling Website

A Custom WordPress Beat Selling website is what you need if you are looking to turn your beat-making hobby into a profitable beat-selling business. Producers such as Kyle Beats, Curtiss king Beats, Busy works beats, Kato, reggiebeatz and more have custom-beat selling websites.

If you just want to make beats and sell them on youtube then I recommend that you use a service like beatstars or airbit. But if you want to take the marketing advantages that WordPress has to offer, you need a WordPress or custom-beat selling website. Below I will mention the top 5 benefits of having a WordPress beat-selling website.

1. Digital Marketing & SEO

A Beatstore or beat selling website is an online store, in order to take full advantage of the SEO, SEO maymake or destroy your website’s success. As a result, it’s something you should start thinking about from the beginning of your beat selling website. WordPress makes this simple by providing access to plugins such as RankMath to help you rank #1 on google organicallywithout paying for ads. I rank #1 on google for the term beat remake

2. Customization & Branding.

If you look at the top 10 clothing websites online, they barely look the same but most beatmakers websites are similar which makes it harder for them to stand out or get noticed by potential clients. WordPress allows you to customize your website in layout, color, typography, and more. Every since I converted to a WordPress website. I’ve been able to read and understand more about my customers, 

3. Availability of plugins.

Any function you want to add to a WordPress website is a plugin away. Most of the plugins are free to use/ You may also combine things like email marketing software, payment gateways (Paypal, Cash-App(USA), Pay fast, and more), Google Analytics, and countless other plugins that you might need to run a fully functional and beat selling website, in addition to plugins and widgets.

Plugin developers such as Beatstore. co, sonaa.io, and more (Sell full list)are designed specifically for WordPress. Because the CMS platform is so widely used, those other businesses are aware that their present and potential consumers may use it to manage their websites.

As a result, once you establish a WordPress site, you won’t have to abandon the platforms and resources you’re used to.

4.No Subscription fee

Since you own this website, you won’t have to pay a subscription fee to keep your services active. You will only need to pay for hosting which can even go down to $5 a month or 50$ yearly. It is way cheaper than $19.99 per month if you ask me.

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