WordPress Templates 4 Music Producers

Templates for music produders & beat makers to sell beats, sound kits, services and more

Main Features

Create your website in minutes

With our templates, you can create a professional and modern website that showcases your music and services, while also offering a seamless user experience for your customers

Fully Customizable

You can add any extended features to the website and customize to your brand

Intergrate with any player

You can intergrate it with beatstars, airbit, soundcloud, sonaar mp3 player and more

Fast & Light Weight

Uses lightweight theme and less plugins

Easy to set up

No coding required, One click set up

Paypal, stripe and more

You can use unlimited payment gateways

Email Marketing Support

Intergrate your website with a mail service

SEO Ready

Site built structure that comtrivuers in google ranking

Demo Websites

Looking to get started quickly? Our website templates offer a hassle-free solution with one-click demo installation, allowing you to set up your site just like one of our existing designs. These templates are fully customizable to suit your unique needs and all of our designs are included with the theme

Music Producer

Sell Beats, Sound Kits, Services and more

Beat Maker

Sell Beats

Sound Designer

Sell Sound Kits, Services and more

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About Just-Beat Maker

Just Beat Maker is a unique beat selling website that combines the power of WordPress design with an embedded iframe beat player. This hybrid platform offers beat makers, producers, and music artists a user-friendly interface to showcase and sell their beats online. With its seamless integration of WordPress and the beat player, Just Beat Maker provides a professional and customizable platform to help you take your music to the next level. Try Just Beat Maker today and start selling your beats with ease.


Just-Beat Maker is the perfect WordPress theme for you to sell your beats, sound kits, and more. With Just-Beat Maker, you can make a beat selling website, beat store or music producer website  in just a few clicks. It’s fast to install, easy to customize, and has no ongoing maintenance costs.