5 Important Things Every Upcoming Artist Need to Grow a Solid Fan Base

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One of the hardest things to do as an upcoming artist is to grow the following base and mostly because upcoming artists treat themselves as upcoming artists. 

So why is that bad a bad thing? A listener is a consumer of music, they want to spend their money on a product that is presented well and work their money, just like when you go buy your favorite brand of shoe. If the shoe was not well presented and packaged, you wouldn’t want to spend a dime on it. 

So let’s dive into the 5 things that every artist needs to grow a solid fan base, these 5 things will help you look more like an established artist which will make it easier for the listeners to follow you and become fans. 

1. Social Media

Even if you are not a social person but if you want to make it in the music industry you need to be active on social media. Being active on social media will help you announce your moves and promote your releases. It will also help you grow a bond with your followers which will turn them into fans. And of cos, we know more fans, more streams which is equal to more katching. 

2. Distribution

With services like distrokid, cd baby, and tune core, now an artist can get distribution for as little as 19.99 per year. Distribution services will release your music to all music streaming services such as Spotify, Itunes, Apple music, Deezer, and more. Having your music available on all these platforms will increase your chance of your music getting heard. This will also make you look professional and trustable. 

3. Good Quality

This should be at the top of the list because there is no excuses for bad quality in 2021. Besides hurting our ears, Bad quality gives the impression of someone who makes music for a hobby. Mixing and mastering services have gotten so cheap and accessible, there are also tutorials online on how to mix and master your own music. I offer Quality mixing and mastering click here to see more. 

4. Catalog

No one wants to follow an artist with only 2 singles. You need to have a catalog of songs even a full-body of work such as EP or mixtape so that you can show what you are made of. So keep recording more music and drop it, the more songs you have out there, the better are the chances of one blowing up. 

5. Good Graphics

Before you listen to a song, you look at the cover art first, unless you are blind. Make sure that your cover art is of quality, this will make listeners see you as a brand and put their money on you coz you put money on yourself. 

Put this into effect as soon as possible and you will be amazed by the growth! Goodluck with your career 🙂


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