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How to Import Just Beat Maker Elementor Template Kit by Reggie Beatz

Just beat maker template kits are lightweight, modern and easy to edit for any beat maker. If you ever get stuck follow this guide on how to import Just Beat Maker Template kit.

  1. Install WordPress

Follow this step-by-step video that I have created to install WordPress


2. Download the Just Beat Maker theme

To download the files is very easy. Visit this page and select the Elementor Template Kit that you want.

3. Install Hello elementor Theme

Once you have downloaded the template kit. You first need to install Hello Elementor Theme, Elementor Plugin and (Elementor) Pro in some cases.

On your WordPress dashboard, navigate down to appearance and click on themes. Select the “Hello Elementor Theme”.

Once the theme is installed, it will state that Elementor should be installed for the theme to word correctly.

Navigate to Elementor, then select Tools. Click on the import tab.

Import the template file you downloaded from here, and click next until the wizard is done.

Then congratulations, you have set up the Just Beat Maker Theme



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