What beat license to buy

What beat license to buy?


With the hottest beats being lease online, you have no choice but to cop them, it’s important to know what license you are buying and if its the right license for what you are trying to archive so you can avoid legal problems and overspending. 


The popular licenses or leases are mp3 lease, wav lease, unlimited lease, and exclusive so how do you know which one is suitable for your project?


If you are just starting out with music, more like a hobby, it will be suitable to get the mp3 lease. Mp3 lease is the cheapest and has monetization limitations. If you are not planning to make money with the song such as streams and radio play, then this license is perfect for you. This license is very affordable and some can start from $4.99. 


The wav lease is mostly just a better quality file with less strict limitations. This license comes with a quality mp3 file and wav file.  This is for a more serious artist who is working on a project or EP. This option is best if you want better overall quality on a budget. 


Then there is an unlimited lease, which is the most popular because it has no limitations, it almost exclusive. This license consists of an mp3 file, wav, and stems. This one is suitable for an artist with a following as the song will have more potential to be big. With this license, you can get unlimited streams, sales, no of radio stations and more depending on the producer.


The final one is an Exclusive license, an exclusive license like unlimited but once a producer sells an exclusive license to an artist, that beat cannot be sold anymore and should be removed from the producer’s beat store. This is for record labels and artists working on big projects. This allows for full customization and flexibility. 


So what happens if someone exclusively buys the beat you leased ? Well, you still have the right to use the beat unless if the lease is expired. If you find any trouble just produce your copy of the license and you should be good to go. 

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